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Skill Up for Data Science

Learning how to learn

Learning how to learn is a real skill. Two courses I found to be very helpful with everything from planning, deliberate practice, dealing with procrastination and so much more:

Google is waaaay smart

If you have a problem, or you can’t work out how to do something just Google it. Seriously, you won’t lose marks. More than likely some other poor traveller has been down the same path and arrived at the same issue. Leverage the collective power of the crowd to solve your problems!

Basic skills all data scientists need

I have written about this before. Check out my 80/20 of data science blog. Here is a quick summary:

Stay off the tutorial wheel

Doing tutorial after tutorial is a really safe place to be, but the only way you are going to learn anything is to build, create or do. It will feel uncomfortable, and that’s good because it should be uncomfortable. Congratulations, now you are learning.

Build things you care about, your passion projects

Initially when you try to do something new, you will be lousy at it. Heck, everyone was lousy when they started. It really doesn’t matter, with patience and deliberate practice you will get better over time.

- Theodore Roosevelt

For more on this topic and a whole lot more, take a look at "The Data Scientist's Journey. The Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists." This book will save you so much time and pain as you navigate your way to data science.