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A coffee catch up ebook with Nic Ryan for Data Scientists.

Hey Data Friends!

I frequently get private messages asking me for advice, information and coffee catch ups. Problem is I am in regional Australia (pretty long flight for most of you to have a coffee!) and I am getting busier all the time making it hard to respond to everyone individually.

Since a lot of the questions I receive are similar, I have put together an ebook "Data Scientist FAQs" which you can download from my store. Just click on the photo and all your questions will be answered :)

This book has been designed to be like a coffee catch up, so has the coffee catch up price of $5, which I think is not a bad deal as you don't have to fly here AND get coffee. You also get to keep it. It is like having me in your back pocket, like, always :)

What do you I cover in this FAQs book? Check out the Table of Contents:

New Data Scientist

How do I become a Data Scientist?

I have completed tutorials and online courses how do I apply that knowledge?

Can you help me with a project I am working on?

Should I learn data science from the top down or bottom up?

How much statistics should I know for data science?

How do you begin working with a new dataset?

Forget this Data Science nonsense, why can’t I just do my analysis in Excel?

Should I learn Python or R?

Jobs - Getting Your Start

What can I do to get a job?

I have experience in something not related to data science, should I remove that experience from my resume when applying for a job?

Why is it so hard to land a data science job?

Is it better for me to begin my career in a startup or in an established team?

Data Science Managers

We are an organisation just starting on our data science journey, what should we do?

What are some resources you’d suggest for executives managing data science teams?

Why is version control so important for data science teams?

What is this talk about reproducible research?


How do you deal with the stress of all the stuff you do?

I feel so trapped, my life is hopeless I don’t know whether to study data science in the USA or Canada please help!

How do you get a remote data science job?

How do you get so much done in a day?

Hey Nic, do you want to work for us?

Thanks for the coffee catch up!

So, if you have ever wanted to have a coffee with me and hear what sort of advice I would give you, now is your chance!

I'm a piccolo type of guy.