The following is a rough guide on how we run our projects and questions you can expect from us to determine your needs:

1. What problem are you trying to solve?

2. Do you need AI or is there another solution?

  • Do you have the right data?

  • Do you have enough data?

  • Is there a ready made solution out there?

By arranging a 15 minute zoom meeting or phone call we can determine the answers to these questions and if we should continue or if you need to refine and narrow your scope before proceeding. 

If it is decided that yes, we can provide you with a solution we:

1. Make a Plan

We sit down with your team and make a plan. This is a 2 - 4 hour meeting where we learn about your goals, suggest ways that we can approach them and sketch out a plan. We also check that you have the right data to get started. The people who should attend the meeting are:

  • Someone with domain expertise, knowledge of the company and understanding of your strategic priorities

  • Someone who understands your data

  • A person with an in-depth knowledge of the current process you want to improve

  • A Project manager and ideally a technical lead from the Data team

2. Explore the data available

The data exploration phase of the project will aim to:

* Determine if the data is fit for purpose, or if more data is required

* Plot, wrangle and investigate the data to inform the base model.  

3. Build a base model 

The base model is a model we develop quickly to give you real results. We then champion/ challenge the base model over the coming sprints.

4. Work in 2 week sprints to develop the solution

Every two weeks we meet and show you the results of what we have done to solve your business problem.

This allows everyone to see how the project is tracking, make changes to the plan, and ensure that everyone is still on the same page. If we solve your problem in a couple of weeks then great! There's always an opportunity to walk away at any 2 week period, you aren't locked into anything with a DataFriends project! 

Billing is in two week blocks, so that you know costs are being kept under control. 

5. Improvements

Once we have developed your model/solution, you will be able to make further improvements yourself, or you could keep using us, either way we are comfortable.

6. Everything we develop during the project will belong to you

So you own all the IP. Source code, detailed documentation, summary reports,  exploratory data analysis results etc. Everything is handed over to you once we receive final payment.