The Data Scientist's Journey. The Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists.

The Data Scientist's Journey. The Guide for Aspiring Data Scientists.


What’s Inside:

Over 220 pages of Data Science goodness!


Step 1: The Motivation for Data Science


The first question you have to ask is:


“Why do I even want to become a Data Scientist?”


This is important to establish your motivation, work out your passion and what you are likely to excel at. You’ll be working a long time, so you might as well enjoy what you do. This motivation will be your North Star guiding you onwards to your Data Science destiny. Write it down, you’ll need to come back to this when things get tough.


Step 2: How to Skill Up for Data Science


Ok, so we have established your motivation. Now you are pumped and motivated, what do you need to learn and how are you going to learn it?


This chapter explains how you can efficiently go about learning what you need to land that first job.


Step 3: How to Get a Job as a Data Scientist


Now it’s time to put that melon of yours, bursting with data science knowledge to use. It’s time to land that first job!


This will likely be one of the hardest things you will have to do in your career, but don’t fret this chapter is full of tips and secret squirrel advice on how to weave around the traditional hiring process and land that first job.


This will be painful, but you will get through it!


Step 4: How to Succeed in Your First Data Science Job


Awesome, we’re in! We have our first job, but now we have to kick some serious data butt!


This chapter is all about how to impress in your first role, how to make the most of those learning opportunities and how to become someone people will want to work with.


Step 5: How to Become a Senior Data Scientist


Cool, we’ve been working as a Data Scientist for a while, but now it would be nice to get that promotion.


Well, this chapter details the skills and acumen that will make you a Senior Data Scientist.



Step 6: Giving Back to the Data Science Community


We are winning! It’s been a journey, but we made it. Now, how do we attain the enviable position where people seek us out for jobs? How do we future-proof our career and become someone well known in the field?


This chapter explains why it is important to give back to the Data Science community and how to do it.


Step 7: Preparing for the Future of Data Science


The only constant is change, it sounds lame but it is true. We need to be continually upskilling as Data Scientists and we need to be aware of what’s coming on the horizon.


This is my view of the things to look out for now to prepare for the future.