AI Consulting & Training
Data Science | Machine Learning | Deep Learning 

So, what do you guys do anyway?


There are two main things that we do.

  1. Data science projects where we help companies with code, analysis, building predictive models and data products.

  2. Consulting with companies on their data strategy, how they can create value with their internal data assets, and also mentor and provide data science training to employees and staff. 

We assist companies no matter where they are on their journey.

We have a data team/person. How can you help?


We get the most out of your data team by providing:

  • Data driven strategies

  • Advice on running successful projects

  • Mentoring for teams We assist people to grow into roles by providing support, ideas, starter code, a place to bounce ideas off, regular 1:1 catch ups with staff.

  • Independent advice

  • Education and Training

  • Best Practice

We don't have a data team/person. What can you do for us?


We can provide data products and solutions to your business problems. For example:

  • Dashboards

  • Predictive models

  • Data analysis

  • Visualizations 

  • Automation 

That sounds uber expensive......

We offer flexible work arrangements to meet your needs, budget and hours. 

For example, some people only want 8 hours every month, or 16 hrs a week, or a pool of hours that they can draw upon for the month. You don't pay for what you don't need. We keep our overheads as low as we can, so we can price our services much more competitively than others. I mean, you could engage a big consulting company and get someone for $3,000 - $7,000 per day, or you could use us for much, much less.

Set project pricing and 2-week sprints.

We also offer pay by the project, not by the hours.


When we are creating a solution for you, we work in two week sprints. What you can expect is:

  • An initial 2 week sprint to plan and scope the project

  • A two week sprint with the aim of producing a minimum viable product

  • Subsequent sprints to refine and improve the product based on feedback


This is so we can make sure what we are building is what you want. It also means if we have met the needs of the project you can walk away after any two week period without being locked in.

What are some examples of companies that use your services?

We typically work with companies that have been around for 2-5 years with anywhere from 6 to 80 employees. Often these companies lack technical managers to bridge the gap between the data team and the management team. We have clients in Brisbane, Melbourne, on the Gold Coast and in the UK.

However we are happy to work with anyone - startups, local government, banks, insurance companies, you name it! 

I wanna know more!