Pathways to Data Science
Your pathway to data science will depend on your experience and where you want to go. On this page you will find six different pathways with links to relevant courses.
How to get a Job as a Data Scientist
Six short videos on how to go about getting a job as a data scientist. We discuss:
          - Type of Role                                                   - Resumes
          - Required Skills                                               - Network
          - Learning Strategies                                       - Active Online
How to Hack a Hack
This video series shows you how Nic would approach a hackathon.  
Excel to AI
This is a free video series taking you from basic Excel to AI. These videos will be released as they are completed. We will cover

- Excel

- Power BI


- Command Line and Git

- Data manipulation with R

- Data manipulation with Python

- EDA with R

- EDA with Python

- Machine Learning with R

- Machine Learning with Python

- Deep Learning with R

- Deep Learning with Python