Automation and AI with the Microsoft Stack

Finding a good data scientist can be hard. Finding someone who can talk business, do the data stuff and communicate up and down the business chain confidently is even harder.

DataFriends can assist your team to use data to its full potential. We can provide your business with data strategies as well as pull together data products and tools that are specifically made for 

your business from looking at your data. Often these solutions can be built using software you already have!

Why Microsoft?

Most companies already have a Microsoft license, reducing the cost to companies when they are wanting to move towards automation and AI solutions.


Microsoft has an ecosystem for automation built into Office 365 and have the developer tools for AI with visual studio and Azure.

Microsoft has the ability to streamline business processes by having intergrative, customisable apps and automation tools to transform existing processes and workflows

Products that we commonly use:

- Excel

- Power BI

- Flow & PowerApps

- Azure

- Azure ML

What about Best Practice?

For larger teams we think the Microsoft Team Data Science Process is about the best way to reliably and consistently execute projects. We love it and we are happy to help you and your team take the uncertainty out of your data science projects.