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Benefits of T-shaped expertise

Working in Tech in Regional Australia Opportunities to connect with tech people in Regional Queensland are generally few and far in between, I have a few friends here who work in tech but mainly they are remote workers for places in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. I have never made a dollar out here, and the safe money is betting I never will, however I have clients in the major Australian cities and overseas. To quote a hiring manager here in Bundaberg: “Mate, in terms of tech we are 10 years behind where everyone else was 15 years ago. We just can’t hire technical people here, in fact we stopped trying. That’s why we have satellite offices in the cities. Most of what happens here is back o

Data Science and the Australian Banking Royal Commission

The Royal Commission Into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry released its final report earlier this month (Feb 2019). The implications for lending in Australia are not great, in fact the lending industry was belted by the report, it was argued that there was a culture of greed. I don’t know if this is fair. I think there were probably a few things that contributed to the problem, which I am going to outline. I think it all started with the most hilariously vague document written in the history of the universe “Regulatory Guide 209: Credit Licensing: Responsible Lending Conduct”. This document would be funny, if it wasn’t the basis that lenders used for