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Linear Algebra, you’d better start loving it because as a data scientist you’ll be doing a lot of it

Pretty well everything we do in data science, machine learning and deep learning has to do with the manipulation of matrices. Linear algebra is everywhere, Ok there will also be a bit of calculus too but you will find linear algebra all over the shop. If you don’t take a peek behind the veil the functions you call in python or R will have an element of magic to them. Don’t be afraid to check out the source code, or even better yet it pays to have some idea of what’s happening under the hood. At least at an intuitive level. I think you would like to be able to do some simple examples matrix operations with pen and paper, even better is some simple code in Octave or even python or R for a toy

80/20 Data Science

Hi Data Friends, As someone who has worked in the analytics field a long time it frustrates me that there are unrealistic expectations placed on new data scientists. Many people find it hard to get that first start because simply the expectations of the job are crazy! To put it in perspective as a guy with 10+ years in the field, I probably wouldn’t meet the expectations of half the grad jobs I see – and I have some serious game! So, let's get real here with credentials for new data scientists. By “getting real” I mean what is important right now in data science, or what is the everyday bread and butter data science now? Deep Learning will come, but it isn’t here yet. So, let’s just think a