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Q & A with Alex Antic (Data Scientist and Mathematician)

Disclaimer: All opinions expressed are Alex's and not those of his employer. Hi Data Friends! I have just had the pleasure of interviewing the awesome Alex Antic. Alex is a Data Scientist and Mathematician who has had an absolutely stellar career. Alex was kind enough not just to tell us a bit about himself, but also to give us some real insight into the state of Data Science and Analytics in business and government. Enjoy his great tips, experience and advice! 1. Your credentials are incredibly impressive. Can you tell us about how you got into data science and your journey from Wollongong to Canberra? Thanks Nic. I guess it's fair to say that my journey began, many years ago now, with my s

Who is Nic Ryan the Data Dude?

My life is a montage of code, data, gym, surfing, basketball, skateboarding. I am a 35 year old Dad, I don't think I will ever grow up. Life is awesome for me now, but I think it is important to point out to aspiring data scientists, and to others that it wasn't always awesome. I have had sucky times, and there is stuff that is sucky that I am brushing over below, but if you read on you will get the picture. It has been a grind, but I am in a good spot now. THE BACKSTORY School and Uni I grew up on the Central Coast of NSW at a time when the place didn't look like a suburb of Sydney. It was quiet, it was nice. I surfed and played basketball. When school became more serious I locked into math