and analytics departments. Before starting DataFriends, Nic was Head of Data Science managing 3 teams across 2 countries.

Nic now has more than 22,000 followers on LinkedIn and was named among the LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Data Science and Analytics.

Nic is passionate at what he does and loves to share his enthusiasm with people. He does this by: 

  • Writing extensively on analytics and startups on his blog.

  • He is regularly invited to speak at conferences such as this one - Automate 2019

Because of his unique beginnings, Nic has had the opportunity to work in diverse industries such as insurance, banking, agriculture, and online advertising and is therefore comfortable turning his hand to any industry. He has worked with some of the largest banks and insurance companies in Australia all the way down to small startups of 4, always helping them to drive value with data.

While not doing data science Nic is a keen basketball player and surfer, still playing 3 times per week and surfing whenever he can. He is still waiting for the call up to his favourite NBA team!


Leslee handles all the administration, social media and ad hoc work that makes the DataFriends business hum along smoothly.


Leslee was instrumental in devising the content strategy that helped Nic to grow his LinkedIn audience from 500 to 22k in a year and to become one of the most influential data scientists in Australia.

Originally Leslee trained as a nurse, being diligent and smart she shot up the ranks into management at a 

young age. She then went on to further study to become an ISO Quality Manager and Consultant and ran her own consulting business. 

Leslee has had a desire to learn computer science and taught herself some basic HTML, CSS, Javascript and command line. While in pursuit of this new career path she saw the need for women in her local area to obtain these skills to improve their employment prospects. As a result she co-founded Code with Grace which aims to empower women to code and obtain jobs in tech.