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So, what do you guys do anyway?

We provide guidance, education and solutions to individuals and companies who wish to further their knowledge and skills in intelligent automation and AI.

We do this by providing consultation services to companies discussing their data strategy and how they can create value with their internal data assets.  Then with training, in the form of workshops and mentoring, employees and staff take ownership of the data strategy and it's execution. 

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Our DataFriends mission statement: 

"Guiding individuals and teams further down the path of intelligent automation and AI" 

About Us



Originally Nic had a background in mathematics, that all changed when he taught himself data science and code as a way of making use of time on his 4 hour daily commute by train and bus. 

Within a few years he was managing teams and later managing a data science department. ​Skip ahead to today and he is one of the most recognised data scientists in Australia.

Nic believes anyone with passion and drive can learn and do anything they choose to. He loves to share his enthusiasm with people and regularly offers advice, guidance and mentoring to individuals and teams on practical data science.


Nic was named among the global LinkedIn Top Voices 2018: Data Science and Analytics. 


Leslee handles all the administration, social media and ad hoc work that makes the DataFriends business hum along smoothly. Originally Leslee trained as a nurse, she then went on to further study to become an ISO Quality Manager and Consultant and ran her own consulting business. 

Leslee has had a desire to learn computer science and taught herself some basic HTML, CSS, Javascript and command line. While in pursuit of this new career path she saw the need for women in her local area to obtain these skills to improve their employment prospects. As a result she co-founded Code with Grace which aims to empower women to code and obtain jobs in tech. 


We typically work with companies that have been around for 2-5 years with anywhere from 6 to 80 employees. Often these companies lack technical managers to bridge the gap between the data team and the management team. We have clients in Brisbane, Melbourne, on the Gold Coast and in the UK.

However we are happy to work with anyone - startups, local government, banks, insurance companies, you name it! 

In the Press

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